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Empowering Athletes in Oaxaca

Oax Sport Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Corporation based in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to support athletes from the small communities of Oaxaca, Mexico. We provide financial assistance, equipment, and training to help athletes reach their full potential. We believe that sports can be a powerful force for good in the world, and we are committed to using our resources to make a difference in the lives of young people in Oaxaca.

Athletes Achieving Their Dreams

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2022 End of Year Report

We received our IRS classification as a 501(c)3 public charity at the beginning of the year. This classification will change many of our operations and the way we manage the nonprofit.

Run with Champions in Oaxaca: A Tapestry of Athleticism, Community, and Impact

Experience the Run with Champions event in Oaxaca, a blend of athleticism and community spirit. Read about this unique morning session filled with running, cultural connections, and support for local talent at Polideportivo Venustiano Carranza

Embracing History and Nature: An Unforgettable Run on Oaxaca’s Camino de Benito Juárez

Join us on a captivating 26-kilometer run along the Camino de Benito Juárez in Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte. Discover the trail’s rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and cultural significance as we traverse from Monumento Juarez to El Punto, encountering charming countryside, historic structures, and breathtaking views.


Morning Track Run Session With A Local Runners Club
Rating: 5
Win, Seattle, WA

This is my third experience with the OaxSports. Fahad met me at the local university track. There were already many people out when I arrived. The team had two coaches come out and run warm up drills. Afterwards, I get to run a few intervals with the top athletes around the track. It was tough but a great learning experience. If you’re an avid runner that wants to build a connection with the local Oaxacan athletes, this is the place to do so! Book This Experience

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