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Juana Cruz Garcia holding her race bib number 048 in front of the course map for the 21K Punta Zicatela event in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, November 2023.

Oax Sport’s Triumph at the 21K Punta Zicatela in Puerto Escondido

Embarking on a journey that would test our limits and unite us as a team, we at Oax Sport participated in the iconic 21K Punta Zicatela in Puerto Escondido. This event was not just a race against time but a celebration of endurance, camaraderie, and the human spirit.

The Allure of Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, a paradise for surfers and beach lovers, offered a scenic yet challenging course for our athletes. Known for its golden beaches like Playa Zicatela and vibrant cultural scene, it provided a perfect blend of natural beauty and community warmth, setting an ideal stage for the race.

Pre-Race Preparations and Strategies

Our team’s preparation involved a holistic approach encompassing physical training, mental conditioning, and nutritional planning. Regular endurance runs, interval training, and strength workouts formed the core of our regimen. We embraced local cuisine, rich in nutrients and energy, vital for our endurance needs.

Oax Sport’s Champions: Personal Journeys

  • Juana (21k, 8th Overall): Juana’s journey was marked by consistent training and mental fortitude. Her dedication to long-distance running was evident in her impressive 8th place finish.
  • Felipe (21k, 7th Overall): A testament to determination, Felipe’s 7th place in the grueling 21k showcased his strategic pacing and resilience.
  • Sandra (21k, 11th Overall): Sandra, overcoming personal challenges, stood 11th overall, a beacon of strength and perseverance.
  • Reinaldo (21k, 2nd Overall): Reinaldo’s stunning performance, earning him 2nd place, was a result of his rigorous training and unwavering commitment.
  • Asunción (21k, 5th Overall): Asunción, with his remarkable 5th place finish, demonstrated exceptional athleticism and endurance.
  • Diana (10k, 14th Overall): Diana’s journey in the 10k, culminating in 14th place, reflected her dedication and spirited approach.
  • Fahad (10k, 2nd Overall): My own experience in the 10k, resulting in a proud 2nd place, was a journey of self-discovery and pushing past limits.

Race Day: A Symphony of Steps and Heartbeats

The race day dawned with a sense of excitement and anticipation. As the sun rose, casting its first light on the beaches of Puerto Escondido, our team, along with hundreds of other runners, lined up at the starting point, each with a story, a goal, and a dream.

Our strategy focused on pacing, hydration, and maintaining mental clarity. The course, winding along the coast, offered breathtaking views but also posed challenges with its varying terrain and humid conditions.

Post-Race Reflections and Celebrations

Crossing the finish line was an exhilarating experience for each of us. The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming. Post-race, we gathered to share our experiences, discuss the challenges we faced, and celebrate our achievements.

Our team’s success was also a moment to reflect on the journey that brought us here – the early morning runs, the grueling training sessions, and the unwavering support from each other.

The Aftermath: Relaxation and Cultural Immersion

Post-race, we took the time to explore Puerto Escondido further. Relaxing at popular spots like Mombas, we soaked in the town’s laid-back vibe and reflected on our accomplishments. The cultural richness of Puerto Escondido, from its local markets to its vibrant nightlife, offered us a well-deserved break and an opportunity to bond further as a team.

Acknowledgments and Moving Forward

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Hard Beat Sports for organizing such a spectacular event and to Scout Designs for supporting our female athletes with top-notch running apparel. We also extend our thanks to the local authorities of Puerto Escondido for ensuring a safe and supportive environment for the race.

As we look to the future, we at Oax Sport are more united and motivated than ever. This race was not just about the distance covered but about the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the boundaries pushed.

The 21K Punta Zicatela was more than just a race; it was a journey of personal growth, team spirit, and community engagement. Each step taken on this journey has strengthened our resolve to continue pursuing our passion for running and to inspire others to embrace the world of endurance sports.

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I'm Diana García, a multifaceted designer from Oaxaca, Mexico. Trained at Escuela de Artesanías INBA-CONACULTA, my passion lies in graphic design, woodworking, and digital content creation. As Creative Director at Oax Sport Inc., I volunteer to uplift Oaxacan athletes. I've also taught design courses at ESCUELA LIBRE DE ARTE Y DISEÑO and contributed articles to the Gaceta of Oaxaca's Cultural Heritage Institute. Bilingual in English and Spanish, I'm committed to community growth and the transformative power of sports.

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