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Oax Sport: Supporting Young Athletes in Oaxaca, Mexico

Learn about the work that Oax Sport does to support young athletes in Oaxaca, Mexico

2023 End of Year Report

Oax Sport Inc. supported Oaxaca athletes in 2023 with financial aid, training, and more. Explore our achievements and future goals. Join us in empowering young athletes.

Experience Jeffery’s Rainy Run to El Tule with Oax Sport

Join Jeffery from San Mateo, California, on his unique running tour with Oax Sport. Experience the scenic route to El Tule, the largest tree in America, through rain and cultural exchange.

Empowering Athletes’ Well-Being through Social Support

Discover the critical role of social support in enhancing the psychological well-being and performance of Oaxacan athletes. Learn how Oax Sport Inc.’s initiatives offer essential emotional and practical support to athletes facing unique challenges.

7 Ways Communities Support Up-and-Coming Athletes

Explore the crucial role of communities and systems in nurturing young athletes, from providing resources and opportunities to mentorship and financial support. Discover how collective efforts can pave the way for the next generation of sports stars.

Support Oaxacan Athletes: Oax Sport Inc.’s Impact and How to Help

Oax Sport Inc. empowers athletes from Oaxaca with financial aid, training, and equipment. Learn about our GuideStar Gold rating and how you can support our mission.

Begin Your Running Journey: A Holistic Guide for New Runners

Start your running journey with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to find your pace, understand your body, and enjoy every step. Perfect for beginners and returning runners.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: Support Oax Sport Athletes

Oax Sport empowers young Oaxacan athletes through scholarships, gear, and training. Discover how your donations make dreams come true and support our mission today.

Securing Sponsorship: Lessons from Oax Sport’s Success

Oax Sport Inc. empowers Oaxacan athletes through sponsorship. Learn how building a personal brand and engaging your audience can help secure sponsorships.

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