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Oax Sport: Supporting Young Athletes in Oaxaca, Mexico

Learn about the work that Oax Sport does to support young athletes in Oaxaca, Mexico

2023 End of Year Report

Discover how Oax Sport Inc. empowers athletes from Oaxaca, Mexico, through sponsorships, athletic events, and community support. Learn about our achievements in 2023, our goals for 2024, and how you can make a difference by donating or volunteering. Join us in creating opportunities for aspiring athletes.

Empowering Athletes’ Well-Being through Social Support

Discover the critical role of social support in enhancing the psychological well-being and performance of Oaxacan athletes. Learn how Oax Sport Inc.’s initiatives offer essential emotional and practical support to athletes facing unique challenges.

7 Ways Communities Support Up-and-Coming Athletes

Explore the crucial role of communities and systems in nurturing young athletes, from providing resources and opportunities to mentorship and financial support. Discover how collective efforts can pave the way for the next generation of sports stars.

Join Hands with Oax Sport: Empowering Oaxacan Athletes, Building Stronger Communities

Support Oax Sport in empowering Oaxacan athletes. Your donation or volunteering can make a significant difference in their training and community impact. Join us now!

Running Towards Wellness: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Dive into our Beginner’s Guide to Running, your comprehensive resource for starting your fitness journey. Discover tips on pace, gear, nutrition, and joining a supportive running community.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Champions: How Your Support Shapes the Future of Oaxacan Athletes

Join Oax Sport in nurturing Oaxaca’s young talent. Your support provides training, equipment, and opportunities for aspiring athletes. Make an impact today!

Securing Athletic Sponsorship: Insights from Oax Sport’s Success

Discover Oax Sport Inc.’s mission to empower Oaxacan athletes through comprehensive support, mentorship, and creating opportunities for success

Understanding and Managing Jumper’s Knee (Patellar Tendinopathy)

Explore an in-depth guide on Jumper’s Knee (Patellar Tendinopathy), a prevalent sports injury. Understand its causes, symptoms, anatomy, and effective treatment options including conservative and surgical methods. Ideal for athletes, coaches, and healthcare professionals seeking to effectively manage and prevent this knee condition

Digital Passion Meets Athletic Mission: An Interview with Alexander Guerrero, Oax Sport’s Digital Advertising Maestro

Dive into our exclusive interview with Alexander Guerrero, the mastermind behind Oax Sport’s digital advertising strategies. Discover how his unique blend of professional expertise and personal passion is propelling Oax Sport’s mission forward. Learn about his journey, challenges, and the future of digital advertising in the nonprofit sector

Global Run: A Danish Runner’s Insights

Join us in exploring the enriching experience of Oax Sport with Martin, a Danish marathon enthusiast. Discover cultural exchanges, running techniques, and the unifying power of running in our detailed recap. Ideal for runners seeking global perspectives and tips

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