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Empowering Women in Sports: Scout Designs’ Inspirational Gift to Oax Sport’s Athletes

Discover how Scout Designs is making a difference in women's sports through their generous gift to Oax Sport Inc.'s athletes. Explore the empowering world of women's activewear and join a community dedicated to uplifting female athletes. Learn about the impact of Scout Designs' high-quality apparel on Mane, Juana, Sandra, and Diana from Oax Sport, and how it aligns with our mission to support and celebrate women in sports. Visit Scout Designs' website and follow them on social media to be a part of this inspiring movement.
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Oax Sport: A Hub for Athletic Excellence

Oax Sport champions athletic talent, focusing on running. From our Veracruz Marathon participation to global events like Puerto Vallarta UTMB, we make a mark. We also nurture talents like Felipe Arellanes Ruiz from Sierra Sur, Oaxaca. Stay updated by engaging with us on social media using #OaxSport. For donations or queries, visit our website or contact our offices in Austin and Oaxaca.
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Unlock Potential with Oax Sport: Sponsorship Opportunities for Athletes and Events

Support the future of Mexican athletics with Oax Sport. From national events like the Veracruz Marathon to global stages, we empower local athletes and communities. With diverse sponsorship options—athlete support, event partnership, and project-specific funding—your brand gains visibility and aligns with excellence. Make a lasting social impact. Tax benefits available. Contact us today
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