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Four male athletes from Oax Sport in blue and white uniforms, standing in front of a concrete wall.

Oax Sport Prepares for Veracruz Marathon 2022

Veracruz Marathon 2022
1. Oax Sport Prepares for Veracruz Marathon 2022
2. Second Edition of the Veracruz Marathon: Oax Sport’s Success

Dreams, preparation, tenacity, and support

Oax Sport is scheduled to take part in the second edition of the Veracruz Marathon on the 4th of December, in Boca del Río and Veracruz City, Veracruz State. After our 2021 participation with Felipe, we decided it was an outstanding event to come to again and bring more athletes. This year our selected athletes are Felipe Arellanes Ruiz and Roque Arkangel Luis. The first will run the full marathon distance looking to surpass his mark of the previous year and Roque will run his first-ever road half-marathon.

The Veracruz Marathon is a well-organized run race that promises to be a leader in the Mexican Marathons calendar. This second edition marathon has expanded its foreign participation with runners from Colombia, Costa Rica, USA, and Canada. We believe it’s important to support local athletes in going to such a national competition that brings foreign athletes together with the best marathon runners in the region.

Both Felipe Arellanes Ruiz and Roque Arkangel Luis have started preparation months early. Preparation for such an event includes running, strength training, physical therapy, and medical consultation to help get our athletes in the best shape to perform their best. Both runners will be joined by their Atlethos Club teammates, Luis Fabian and Juan Victoria, who will handle pacing and race strategy for Felipe and Roque, to help them achieve their personal bests.

Felipe Arellanes & Luis Fabian

Says Felipe Arellanes Ruiz

“This year I have prepared myself with great desire and enthusiasm to be able to return to Veracruz and give a better result than the past race. I am very grateful for the support of the guys who have run with us in the Airbnb experiences, through Oax Sport, since with those funds they have covered part of the expenses for the race.

Diana and Fahad have always been helping me as well as my coach, Eddi. This year Lizeth has also joined with support in physiotherapy and Professor “Neto” with functional training. I also thank Dr. Laureano Pacheco for his great help. We are less than a month away and in the most important part of training. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for all your support.”

Roque Arkangel Luis

Also, in an interview with Roque Arkangel, he tells us:

“I am feeling grateful, happy and very anxious about this new opportunity presented to me. This is something out of the ordinary, different from what my legs, mind and body are used to. I am euphoric to take part for the first time in a road half marathon. It makes me thrilled it will be at sea level! Nothing more and nothing less than in Boca del Río, Veracruz! We are still in preparation to have a good race and give an excellent result.

I would like to thank my coach Eddi who has been attentive to my preparation during this time, the CITFRO team, Rosalino Meneses who has always supported me with therapy, in order to avoid any injury, the entire Oax Sport team and volunteers who have always supported me at all times.”

Felipe and Roque participation is possible thanks to the generous donors and Airbnb Social Impact experiences. Oax Sport athletes run official Airbnb community engagement experiences that help them fundraise for their sports career. Confirming their participation earlier than planned was possible thanks to Aaron Garcia of Fort Worth, Texas, and his efforts to fundraise for this campaign.

We appreciate the support of physiotherapist Lizeth Sánchez, strength and fitness coach, Ernesto González of Halcones CECAFID and physiotherapist Rosalino Meneses and his CITFRO team who donate their services to runners in preparation.

We highlight the help of the community and our volunteers who work in the field and from home to raise funds, maintain the operation of our website, and thus make it possible for runners to stay in their training and races.

We appreciate the help of the community and our volunteers in raising funds and helping secure the gear and equipment needed for training and racing. We still need to cover travel expenses and accommodation for the athletes and their accompanying team. To do so, please check our fundraising page for the Veracruz Marathon, help us with a donation or a share.

Felipe Arellanes & Luis Fabian

Oax Sport Inc is a US registered Public Charity. Its mission is to support and guide young talents by offering opportunities to travel and experience different sporting events. The organization solicits donations from individuals, as well as corporations, to carry out its sports and training programs.

Your financial contribution makes the continuation of this project possible. Support our athletes by donating fast and safely through PayPal. Click here to visit the payment page.


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