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Luis Fabian Santiago, atleta de San Pablo Yaganiza, Villa Alta, Oaxaca, en la zona arqueológica de Monte Albán, Oaxaca, México, posando con la camiseta verde de Oax Sport.

Engage with Oaxacan Athletes Through Airbnb Social Impact Experiences

Oax Sport is not just about running; it’s about empowerment, connection, and culture. We offer an opportunity to engage with the vibrant community of Oaxaca, Mexico, through our Airbnb Social Impact Experiences. When you book an experience with us, 100% of your payment directly supports athletes and their programs. Let’s explore what these experiences are all about.

Run with Oaxacan Athletes

Join our top-notch athletes for a run through the city streets, scenic countryside, or rugged mountains. Our runners not only train hard but also have a story to share. They are eager to tell you about their journey to success, their unique training techniques, and the importance of discipline and perseverance. Your participation fee goes directly to fund travel, accommodation, and sports gear for these talented athletes.

Learn from Oaxacan Athletes

Ever wondered about the mindset of a successful athlete? Our experts are here to teach you about nutrition, training, and mental toughness. Their insights and knowledge are a treasure not just for aspiring athletes but for anyone looking to lead a healthier life. They are here to inspire you and help you reach your personal goals.

Supporting a Good Cause

Oax Sport is not just a non-profit organization; it’s a movement aiming to provide athletic opportunities to children and youth in Oaxaca. By booking an Airbnb Social Impact Experience, you become a vital part of this movement. You are contributing directly to change lives and make dreams possible.

Connect with the Community

Share the joy of running and learning with others on social media. Use #OaxSport, and let’s build a community that supports each other, celebrates achievements, and spreads positivity.


Oax Sport offers a unique experience, blending sports with social impact. It’s more than just a run; it’s a learning journey, a way to connect with a different culture, and an opportunity to support an incredible cause. Book your experience now, either through our contact page or via WhatsApp at +52 951 652 6746. See you on the run!

Oax Sport is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity based in Austin, Texas. For more details about the organization, visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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Diana Garcia Corporate Director, Public Relations, Creativity Villa De Zaachila, Oaxaca LinkedIn

I'm Diana García, a multifaceted designer from Oaxaca, Mexico. Trained at Escuela de Artesanías INBA-CONACULTA, my passion lies in graphic design, woodworking, and digital content creation. As Creative Director at Oax Sport Inc., I volunteer to uplift Oaxacan athletes. I've also taught design courses at ESCUELA LIBRE DE ARTE Y DISEÑO and contributed articles to the Gaceta of Oaxaca's Cultural Heritage Institute. Bilingual in English and Spanish, I'm committed to community growth and the transformative power of sports.

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