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Traditional Voladores de Papantla performing a ritualistic dance, descending from a tall pole with ropes against a backdrop of blue sky and clouds.

Explore Oaxaca’s Unique Sports Culture with Oax Sport


Here at Oax Sport, we’re deeply immersed in the vibrant sports culture of Oaxaca, a region known for its rich tapestry of traditional and modern games. As we foster the growth of local athletes and promote the importance of sports within the community, we invite you to explore Oaxaca’s unique sports culture, shaped by history, cultural heritage, and a passion for play.

Traditional Sports

1. Pelota Mixteca:

A game dating back over 3,000 years, Pelota Mixteca is an intrinsic part of our cultural fabric. Played during festivals and gatherings, its complexity and communal spirit echo the values we cherish at Oax Sport.

2. Danza de los Voladores:

The “Dance of the Flyers” showcases agility, courage, and grace, symbolizing a harmonious connection between man and nature. While not a conventional sport, it’s a mesmerizing display of physical and spiritual unity.

Modern Sports

1. Soccer:

Oaxaca shares Mexico’s love for soccer. From local leagues to spirited pickup games, soccer is a unifying force that mirrors our mission to bring communities together through sports.

2. Basketball:

Growing in popularity, especially among indigenous communities, basketball embodies teamwork and engagement. At Oax Sport, we recognize and celebrate its power to connect people.

3. Running:

With our diverse terrain, running in Oaxaca offers opportunities for all, from casual joggers to competitive racers. Events like the “Ultra Maratón de los Canones” reflect the natural beauty that surrounds us and the athletic spirit we strive to cultivate.

Embracing Indigenous Culture

Sports in Oaxaca are a reflection of our indigenous heritage and values. Traditional games connect past and present, while modern adaptations signify the delicate balance between global influences and cultural preservation.

Oax Sport’s Role: Fostering Growth and Opportunity

We, at Oax Sport, are committed to empowering Oaxacan athletes. Our initiatives reach beyond the playing field, creating opportunities, mentorship, and guidance that resonate with the essence of Oaxacan sports culture. By providing access to essential resources, we help local athletes reach their full potential and reflect the community spirit that defines our region.


Oaxaca’s sports culture is a living testament to our region’s diversity, history, and contemporary vitality. Through traditional and modern sports, we find symbols of unity, empowerment, and growth.

We believe in the power of sports to inspire change and bring communities together. By sharing this journey through Oaxacan sports culture, we hope to offer insight into the values that drive us at Oax Sport.

Whether it’s the ancient game of Pelota Mixteca or a dynamic basketball match, sports in Oaxaca are not just games; they’re expressions of life and passion that resonate with our mission. Join us in celebrating the heart and soul of Oaxacan sports culture.

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Diana Garcia Corporate Director, Public Relations, Creativity Villa De Zaachila, Oaxaca LinkedIn

I'm Diana García, a multifaceted designer from Oaxaca, Mexico. Trained at Escuela de Artesanías INBA-CONACULTA, my passion lies in graphic design, woodworking, and digital content creation. As Creative Director at Oax Sport Inc., I volunteer to uplift Oaxacan athletes. I've also taught design courses at ESCUELA LIBRE DE ARTE Y DISEÑO and contributed articles to the Gaceta of Oaxaca's Cultural Heritage Institute. Bilingual in English and Spanish, I'm committed to community growth and the transformative power of sports.

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