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Oaxaca’s South Sierra Runner Will Compete in Veracruz Marathon 2021

Veracruz Marathon 2021
1. Oaxaca’s South Sierra Runner Will Compete in Veracruz Marathon 2021
2. Felipe Arellanes in Countdown for The Veracruz Marathon
3. Felipe Arellanes Returns With Excellent Results From The Veracruz Marathon
Juan Felipe Arellanes Ruiz

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The athlete from Santa Catarina Cuixtla prepares to measure his performance in the 42 km race

Juan Felipe Arellanes Ruiz confirms his participation in the first edition of Veracruz – Boca del Rio Marathon. The race that will take place this coming December the 5th, shows to be a promising one. It has a certified course by the Federation of Mexican Athletics Associations. The route leaves from the Zocalo of the city and includes 25 km of seaside view.

Felipe in Pescado de Moctezuma 2020

Oax Sport saw the potentials of this marathon through the organizers’ preliminary activities, which show to be a well-prepared and highly competitive race. For this reason, Oax Sport decided to sponsor and support one of their distance runners in this new race. Oax Sport has already signed up Felipe in the race and offered him a sponsorship package that includes transportation and accommodation.

“With the participation of Felipe in the Pescado de Moctezuma 2020, we realized his potential as an athlete. Unfortunately, the pandemic suspended all competitions which did not allow us to give him more opportunities in other events. Felipe remained active, and we hope now, his confirmed participation in December will motivate him to the maximum and do more effort in his workouts to achieve his personal goal in those 42.195 km.” Eddi Melesio Perez Silva, Athletic Director, Oax Sport Inc.

Felipe Arellanes specializes in distance running and is one of the founding athletes of Oax Sport. He had successfully taken part with Oax Sport in the legendary Pescado de Moctezuma Relay Race in March 2020. It will be close to two years between Felipe’s last competition and his next one in the Veracruz Marathon. His coach and members of Oax Sport’s administration will accompany Felipe on his travel to Veracruz and participation in the marathon.

Felipe in training session with Coach Eddi

“I feel anxious, nervous and with an unusual fear of participating after not competing for more than a year and a half. For a short time, my training was not very rigorous, but I will be ready for this new challenge. I am proud of wearing the Oax Sport shirt who have supported me a lot in my short sporting journey. I will strive for a favorable outcome with the substantial support of my family and the team.” Juan Felipe Arellanes Ruiz, Official Athlete, Oax Sport Inc.

Arellanes focuses on road running, and he is one of Oax Sport’s young and aspiring athletes. His previous participations include marathons and half-marathons in Huatulco, Veracruz, Mexico City, and Guadalajara. Felipe lives with his family in Santa Catarina Cuixtla, a town and municipality of Miahuatlan, district of the Sierra Sur Region, Oaxaca, Mexico, where he receives support and encouragement from his community, and enjoys his job in his town’s fields and in a mezcal artisanal factory and palenque (mezcal distillery).

Oax Sport Inc. is a non-profit sports agency. Its mission is to support and guide young talents by offering opportunities to travel and experience different sporting events. Future participation includes events in Canada and France. The agency asks for donations from individuals, as well as corporate financial support to carry out its sports and training programs.

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Juan Felipe Arellanes Ruiz
Juan Felipe Arellanes Ruiz





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