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Roque Luis Garcia con otros corredores en una carrera, sonrientes y mostrando sus números de competencia, en un evento deportivo lleno de participantes y espectadores en San Pablo Güilá, Oaxaca.

Oax Sport: Enhancing Mental Health Through Athletics

Sports have been a way of transforming people’s lives since time immemorial.

Sports have an impact not only for the players but also for the community of people who love to watch and cheer on.

Mental health is one of the most concerning issues of our generation. With this in mind, Oax Sport is spearheading the efforts to ensure mental wellbeing of both sportsmen and the community in Oaxaca.

Mind-Body Connection

Physical activity has been recommended for mental wellbeing. Oax Sport appreciates this and is taking initiative to give opportunity for involvement in sports to as many athletes as possible in Oaxaca.

Participating in sports is a way of bringing in the “happy hormones” which generally reduce one’s stress levels. This way, it’s a beneficial way to fight anxiety and depression especially among the youth.

Oax Sport athletes are finding a place to get a sense of accomplishment and improve their self-esteem. The beauty of it is that this reflects in other areas of their lives.

Building Confidence and Resilience

When a person involves themselves in sports, they are bound to set goals they can work towards and have the privilege of experiencing their growth over time. This is a space that Oax Sport is creating for athletes in Oaxaca.

“The simple fact that there are people who trust in you and who really strive to see you achieve your goals is incredible in every way.” I am now more motivated in my life and I try as hard as I can to achieve my personal goals.” ~ Juan de Dios Zurita Victoria.

Achievements on the playfield not only grow self-confidence but also translate to the athletes’ real lives. At Oax Sport, we are committed to providing financial assistance, training and mentorship underscores our dedication to fostering a growth mentality.

Juan Zurita Victoria posing with Diana Garcia, who is holding a supportive sign for Juan.
Juan - Diana

Building a Sense of Community and Support

Nothing quite brings people together like sports! It gives people the sense of belonging that is much needed for mental wellbeing.

At Oax Sport, we are giving athletes the opportunity to have a shared passion and dedication to a common goal which creates social bonds. “Some of my best friends are people I have met in the field,” says Juan.

The sense of community one gets from participating in sports, provides emotional support, reduces feelings of isolation and promotes mental well-being. At Oax Sport, we understand their importance of mental wellbeing in a person’s life and hence are championing for access to facilities and coaching for athletes.

Group of young people posing for a photo with athlete Juan Zurita Victoria at a sports event, smiling and showing their support.

Stress Relief and Mindfulness

To be involved in sports is to be mindful. It requires one to fully focus for the best results. The practice of mindfulness helps relieve athletes’ stress from their daily lives. At Oax Sport we recognize sports participation as a way to improve mental health by relieving stress.

Aside from improving mental health, the continuous practice of mindfulness improves one’s self-discipline which is necessary not only in the field but also in real life situations.

“I have a different perspective on life now that I am training at Oax Sport. Seeing other people committed to improving their skills inspires me to improve other aspects of my life,” says Victoria.

A sort of meditation is experienced by athletes during their sport, whether it is the rhythmic motion of jogging or the precise motions of a sport like archery.

Felipe Arellanes Ruiz and Juan Zurita Victoria talking with a female athlete in a blue shirt at a running event.
Mariana - Felipe - Juan

Inspiring Others

It is our goal at Oax Sport to inspire not only the local aspiring athletes but those in the community at large. Beyond winning and overcoming challenges in the various sports, lies the need to inspire change in those watching as well.

We at Oax Sport recognize the potential of sports to drive positive change in the community.

“Oax supports us to go and do high altitude training, as these places are far from the city, and transportation is required. Thanks to Oax, other people have been inspired to help athletes. For example coach Neto offers his gym and knowledge to provide additional training to complement the athletics training.” ~ Roque

In an era where young people are desperate for inspiration away from life’s challenges such as poverty, crime and drugs, we are honored to showcase greatness. 

Athletes who overcome challenges become role models for others who may be struggling especially mentally. They give hope by showcasing the power of perseverance and mental fortitude. Their stories serve as beacons of hope and encouragement for individuals facing their own difficulties.

A group of six people posing together outdoors. From left to right: a man in a red Puma shirt, a man in a patterned button-down shirt, a woman holding medals and a trophy, a man in a "Send Memes" shirt, a man in a green Oax Sport shirt, and a man in a blue shirt. They are standing on a pathway with greenery and trees in the background.
Coach Neto - Anthony - Juana - Roque - Prof Mario - Fahad

At Oax Sport we Empower Minds and Elevate Lives

The initiative by Oax Sport to support athletes is definitely a green light in exemplifying the role of sports in championing for mental wellbeing.

Not only do athletes gain agency through Oax Sport’s provision of opportunities, support, and resources, but the transformative effect of sports on mental health is also highlighted.

Oax Sport’s commitment reaffirms the idea that engaging in physical activity has positive effects on mental health and opens up new opportunities for the future.

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I'm Neliah Nyambane, a Sustainability Writer and Data Analyst with a focus on mental health and environmental awareness. I currently serve as a Volunteer Writer at Oax Sport Inc in Nairobi, Kenya.

In this role, I craft compelling narratives that spotlight athletes' journeys, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and mental well-being. My writing aims to educate and inspire, providing both athletes and fans valuable insights into a greener, healthier sports culture.

My background includes a Master's degree in Land and Water Management, and I bring data-driven insights into my storytelling to make it more impactful.

Looking to combine data and narrative for a greener future in sports? Let's connect.

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