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Anthony Ross

Consultant and Advisor

Hometown: Nashwauk, Minnesota


  • Consultant and Advisor for global environmental catastrophes, emergency response operations, disaster relief initiatives, and humanitarian aid efforts.
  • Artisan RusticImages.Org
  • Volunteer – First Responder / Emergency Medical Services
  • Pro Bono – Capacity Building for Non-Profit Organizations


  • Master of Laws ~ Environmental, Natural Resource and Sustainable Energy Law
  • Graduate Certificate ~ Emergency Planning and Response
  • Bachelor of Science ~ Applied Science
  • Two Year Diploma ~ Wild Land Fire Fighting
    Certification ~ Residential Heating / HVAC
Anthony in La Cumbre Ixtepeji, Oaxaca
Anthony in La Cumbre Ixtepeji, Oaxaca


Tell us about your work at Oax Sport?
I am proud to serve and advocate for the talented and gifted athletes of Oax Sport as an appointed US Representative. It is truly an honor, and I am ever so grateful to have the opportunity to support such remarkable people from Oaxaca.

Goals for Oax Sport?
The sky is the limit. With hard work, dedication, and pure grit we will participate in countless events. We will show up and showcase our amazing talent. Our feet will carry us towards our goals and to the finish line of our dreams.

What was your start in athletics like?
Growing up in a remote north country location as an only child, things did not always come easy. I recall raising money as a child to assist in paying for athletic equipment, as I began working at the ripe age of 10 years old. I was fortunate enough to have opportunities to participate in a wide variety of athletic endeavors including;

  • Baseball – playing multiple positions: Right Field, Center Field, Left Field, Short Stop and Pitcher.
  • Basketball
  • Football – playing multiple positions: right wing, defensive back, running back and quarterback
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cliff Diving
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling
  • I always enjoyed a bit of cross country running through the forest.

Tell us your best sports career memory?
Probably, when I had the opportunity to play a baseball game at the Metrodome in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, the home of the Minnesota Twins. The game was part of a championship tournament and just after the new turf was installed. While at bat I knocked the ball off the right field wall and got a stand-up triple. I remember running very quickly from base to base in complete awe under those lights. Then, my teammate got a nice hit at bat after me and I got the chance to run and cross home plate. That’s likely to be my best memory.

Sports goals?
These days, my goals are centered around sports fishing, I would say. Other than that, my sports goals revolve around serving as an advocate for talented athletes and perhaps doing some coaching or mentoring for aspiring and rising stars.

What is your 2023 goal?
That is yet to be determined. If I can save enough money, I would like to tango with a tarpon, marlin, or tuna out on the ocean. I also imagine I will try my luck once again with shark fishing. I am also always intrigued and fascinated with alligator gar and may attempt to break my personal record of landing a 6-foot alligator gar on rod and reel fishing, it would be neat to land one over 7 or 8 feet, they are such amazing and mysterious prehistoric creatures.

5 words that best describe you?

  • Focused
  • Determined
  • Driven
  • Adaptive
  • Perseverance

Anything else we should know about you?
I would say, no not really. This isn’t about me. I am here to advocate for and support these fine people and amazing athletes.

Freddie of San Diego, Anthony, and Felipe in La Cumbre Ixtepeji, Oaxaca

Freddie of San Diego, Anthony, and Felipe in La Cumbre Ixtepeji, Oaxaca

Anthony with Roque

Anthony with Roque

Oax Sport