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Diana Garcia

Corporate Director, Public Relations, Creativity

Hometown: Villa de Zaachila, Oaxaca, Mexico

Career: Architecture and Design


  • Professional Cabinetmaker Technician, CONACULTA School of Crafts, Mexico City
  • Degree in Architecture, Universidad Regional del Sureste, Oaxaca de Juárez


Tell us about your work at Oax Sport?
I manage the creative and public relations part of Oax Sport, which implies contributing, moderating and perfecting ideas of the management team on the projects that Oax Sport undertakes, as well as directing and working in the area of communication and design.

What are your goals for Oax Sport?
I am interested in Oax Sport being identified as a pro-active and charitable association. In this way get the participation of dedicated and enthusiastic athletes who have goals to achieve, along with the support of sports promoters and social development.

What is your 2023 goal for Oax Sport?
I am interested in consolidating the projection of Oax Sport and supporting the activities of local runners. The talent and enthusiasm of athletes that I have met face to face, motivate me to work on making possible their participation in competitions of recognized level.

What was your start in athletics like?
I started running in 2017 due to transformations in my family and social environment and the advice of two friends. Running first alone, and then in a group, generated many positive changes in my routine, health, enthusiasm and the expectation of new challenges to overcome.

Tell us your best memory of your sports career?
There are many, but possibly the most remarkable were reaching a fourth place in a race of the Mexican Red Cross, and more recently, dabbling in the aquathlon sprint modality in a very well organized event on a beach in my state and with the participation and support of my family.

Sports goals?
Completing an Olympic distance triathlon

What is your 2023 goal?
Staying active in cycling, swimming, walking and running

5 words that best describe you as an athlete?

  • Physical health
  • Positive recreation
  • Moderation
  • Knowledge
  • Multi-discipline
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