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Geraldine María Trujillo Cordova


Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela


  • Virtual assistant for SMEs and entrepreneurs in Latin America and Spain
  • SEO writer, digital content optimization for search engines
  • Junior Copywriting for Social Media


  • Professor of Spanish, literature and Latin at the Libertador Experimental University (Venezuela)
  • Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at the European University of the Atlantic | UNEATLANTICO (Spain/Online)
  • UX Writing Course at Cordehouse (Argentina/Online)
  • UX Research Course at Cordehouse (Argentina/Online)
A woman standing in an open field with mountains in the background, wearing a white t-shirt, black leggings, and black sneakers, on a clear sunny day.
Geraldine María Trujillo Cordova


Tell us about your work at Oax Sport?
I am an editor at OAX Sport. I dedicate myself to writing articles for the blog, all of which focus on valuable information for sportspersons and amateur athletes, as well as for sponsors or possible organizations that wish to help.

What are your goals for Oax Sport?
I propose for this year to increase the number of texts for the blog, as well as increase the quality of the articles, and cover infrequent topics, but of great importance for the sports community in Mexico and abroad.

Sports goals?
Although I am not in Mexico and I am not physically part of the OAX SPORT sports family, my goals also have to do with my physical and emotional health, which is why I have proposed to resume walking and exercising at home. It will be difficult at first because I usually work from home, but I know that with perseverance and dedication everything is possible.

5 words that best describe you

  • Empathic
  • Sentimental
  • Strong
  • Curious
  • Hard Worker

Anything else we should know about you?
I like to write and read. I love watching old series and movies, the kind that I missed as a child or teenager. I am an admirer of good values. I don’t believe much in words, but actions, of that I am a believer. I am easily scared.

A group of four people taking a selfie in front of a statue of a horse-mounted figure on a sunny day.
Geraldine María Trujillo Cordova

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