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Join us for a trail run in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca. One of the most beautiful mountain trails in Mexico.

The activity will be held in secure and protected indigenous community forests. There are multiple routes to choose from, and all run under long trees—safe and quiet trails shared by hikers, runners, and cyclists.

Distance: 10 to 15k, at an altitude of 2,800 to 3,200 meters. This experience is aimed at trail runners.

The total tour is 4 hours:

  • 1 Hours Drive
  • 2 Hours Trail Run
  • 1 Hours Drive

You will be joined by a national-level athlete supported by the nonprofit.

The entire run will take place in protected indigenous community-owned lands.

Ixtepeji: High Altitude Trail Run in Oaxaca's Sierra Norte Mountains
Roque In Golden Trail Series 2021
Roque Luis Garcia

Rarely does something occur that can halt all of humanity as the COVID-19 pandemic did. Amid all the chaos, I found people who extended a helping hand, allowing me to continue my preparation as an athlete. Thanks to Oax Sport, I was able to experience running in the three stages of the Golden Trail Series, giving my best and learning new things. I also had the chance to participate in my first national cross-country championship, meeting new people, and pushing my body to the limit with every step.

Oax Sport