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Let’s run through Monte Albán pre-columbian archaeological site

The run will start in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán and will go through the neighborhood roads until reaching the countryside. From there, we will run on trails and go uphill to reach the Monte Alban zone.

Distance: 11 km

Altitude: 1,500 to 1,900m

Type of route: street, dirt, trail, mountain. Includes 3 km of a technical uphill and downhill. Proper trail/mountain shoes are required.

The run goes through neighborhoods and government protected archaeological site.

Rocío In ASTRI Huatulco Triathlon 2021
Rocío Nadxieli Toledo López

I appreciate, with all that it’s worth, the high distinction that Oax Sport bestows upon me by honoring me with the opportunity to represent my beloved home state, Oaxaca. I’m also grateful for their kind offer of sponsorship to participate in the ASTRI Huatulco 2021 Triathlon, an exceptional competition that demands a high level of physical and mental conditioning.

Oax Sport