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Photo by ©2022 La Puerta by México Kanko

Tepache de Piña: Mexicos Easy Probiotic Super Drink

Introducing Mexico’s traditional probiotic pineapple drink. This recipe is the real deal – with ingredients used here in Oaxaca.

We are the staff and runners from Oax Sport Charity in Oaxaca, Mexico. We come from local origins, including Oaxaca and Mixtec. We are sharing our recipes and food with you to introduce you to our culture and way of life.

Tepache De Piña has been around Oaxaca since pre-Columbian times. It tastes amazing and has some pretty incredible health benefits… being naturally loaded with:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Essential minerals
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

In addition to being a great source of key vitamins and minerals, locally, it is also known to:

  • Be a great source of ENERGY
  • Have Antibacterial properties
  • Support digestion
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Aid with arthritis
  • Be a diuretic

But the main amazing property of Tapache is that it is probiotic. Probiotic drinks help improve gut health and overall well-being.

Consuming probiotics can help to boost digestion, helping break down food more effectively and boosting the absorption of nutrients from the food into your body.

Probiotics can also increase immunity by replenishing beneficial bacteria that keep bad bacteria from taking over your digestive tract.

Additionally, probiotic drinks may help with certain skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as irritable bowel syndrome.

The advantages of probiotics go beyond digestive disorders – studies have shown their positive effects on mental health by reducing anxiety and depression symptoms and improving mood.

Tepache is the Mexican version of Kombuch, and the best part – it’s really easy to make! So let’s get going…

Photo by on Unsplash
Photo by on Unsplash


  • 1 Medium Ripe Pineapple
  • 1 gallon (4 liters) Water
  • 1 pound (1/kg) Piloncillo or brown sugar (the sticky dark type)
  • 1 large stick of Cinnamon
  • 4 Cloves
  • 4 Chopped Allspice or equivalent amount in powder form


  1. Take the pineapple and remove the green stalk.
  2. Scrub it with a kitchen brush and natural detergent. Rinse well
  3. Leave the skin on and cut entire pineapple into cubes
  4. Place in a large glass or clay jar
  5. Add the rest of the ingredients and pour in the water
  6. Cover the jar with a breathable cloth such as a tea towel or muslin cloth
  7. Now we let it rest for 3 to 5 days. This will depend on how hot or cold it is. The hotter the temperature, the quicker it will ferment
  8. Check and stir the mixture every day. When it has fermented, you will see white foam forming on the surface, and it will start to have a tart taste
  9. When it has fermented to your liking, strain the mixture into glass jars and discard the solid ingredients

Serving Suggestions:

Drink on an empty stomach. Or, drink half an hour before meals to aid digestion. Is typically served with ice, but that is your choice!

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Cover Photo by © 2022 La Puerta by México Kanko

So happy to be a contributor to this dedicated organisation that backs local committed, talented athletes.
I am a sports lover and believe it brings everyone together from all walks of life in a genuine way. We have so much to share and enjoy together.

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