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This is my second experience with the OaxSports team. We met up at a beautiful sport complex with a gorgeous mountain range in the background. Without booking for this experience, I wouldn’t be able to see some of these places that are off the beaten path.
Fahad arrived first as the translator and host. Later, Juan, arrived on a Taxi. I’ve learned that he lives in a village an hour away. To make his way to the experience location so early in the morning, I felt very honored to have Juan joined us.
From there, Juan and Fahad took me to a unique park that used to be a quarry. Then we checked out another park and neighborhoods nearby. At the end of the rub, we ended back at the sport complex. I challenged Juan for a friendly race. One lap around the track. He left me wheezing for air!
Sharing moments like this with the OaxSports athletes help me appreciate my situation. Come out and run with this organization! You’d make new friends and support a great cause. Book This Experience
A Jog Through Oaxaca's Old Town with Local Athletes

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