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I’m an avid runner. Before visiting Oaxaca, I was unable to maintain my running in CDMX due to location and air quality. When I saw OaxSports offering running experiences with Oaxacan athletes in many different settings, I booked this experience immediately.

What this experience isn’t is a tour guide. You’re in it for a nice workout. If you’re expecting this experience to be a jog and talk as a typical tour, then I’d suggest changing the expectations.

Fahad is a volunteer for OaxSports. He speaks great English. Very accommodating and knowledgeable about Oaxaca and its culture. You’re getting a candid perspective regarding this beautiful town.

I ran with an ultra-marathoner named Mario who just finished a 100k. We had a great time. Originally set to run 20k but we ran 26k instead.

This experience made me new friends and a purpose to help support these local athletes build their marks and characters. Come join and make new friends! Book This Experience

A Long Run to the Árbol del Tule with Local Athletes

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