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Fahad gave us very clear instructions, was a great host, and we saw some beautiful parts of the city we would have never seen. As a fellow runner, it was great to support other athletes! They were accommodating with pace, despite both Fahad and Luis being experienced runners. Highly recommend! Book this experience

A Jog Through Oaxaca's Old Town with Local Athletes
This is my second experience with the OaxSports team. We met up at a beautiful sport complex with a gorgeous mountain range in the background. Without booking for this experience, I wouldn’t be able to see some of these places that are off the beaten path.
Fahad arrived first as the translator and host. Later, Juan, arrived on a Taxi. I’ve learned that he lives in a village an hour away. To make his way to the experience location so early in the morning, I felt very honored to have Juan joined us.
From there, Juan and Fahad took me to a unique park that used to be a quarry. Then we checked out another park and neighborhoods nearby. At the end of the rub, we ended back at the sport complex. I challenged Juan for a friendly race. One lap around the track. He left me wheezing for air!
Sharing moments like this with the OaxSports athletes help me appreciate my situation. Come out and run with this organization! You’d make new friends and support a great cause. Book This Experience
A Jog Through Oaxaca's Old Town with Local Athletes

I’m an avid runner. Before visiting Oaxaca, I was unable to maintain my running in CDMX due to location and air quality. When I saw OaxSports offering running experiences with Oaxacan athletes in many different settings, I booked this experience immediately.

What this experience isn’t is a tour guide. You’re in it for a nice workout. If you’re expecting this experience to be a jog and talk as a typical tour, then I’d suggest changing the expectations.

Fahad is a volunteer for OaxSports. He speaks great English. Very accommodating and knowledgeable about Oaxaca and its culture. You’re getting a candid perspective regarding this beautiful town.

I ran with an ultra-marathoner named Mario who just finished a 100k. We had a great time. Originally set to run 20k but we ran 26k instead.

This experience made me new friends and a purpose to help support these local athletes build their marks and characters. Come join and make new friends! Book This Experience

A Long Run to the Árbol del Tule with Local Athletes

So great to talk and run with Fahad and Luis and all of the funds go to a great cause! It is a great experience for all abilities and a great way to see the city. Book This Experience

A Jog Through Oaxaca's Old Town with Local Athletes

This is my third experience with the OaxSports. Fahad met me at the local university track. There were already many people out when I arrived. The team had two coaches come out and run warm up drills. Afterwards, I get to run a few intervals with the top athletes around the track. It was tough but a great learning experience. If you’re an avid runner that wants to build a connection with the local Oaxacan athletes, this is the place to do so! Book This Experience

Morning Track Run Session with a Local Runners Club

For traveling runners, this is a great way to get connected with local runners and get a good workout in on your trip to Oaxaca. I have to admit, I have not been regularly training before this run so I found the climb up the mountain a bit difficult as I began to lose my breath from the elevation. My quads took a beating going up but got to relax at the top and going down. The views are beautiful in the early morning and Fahad gave me tons of insight into the town’s people and local runner’s lives.

If you like a good variety in your trail run and getting a little dirty, this is for you. Also…BRING TRAIL RUNNING SHOES. Book This Experience

Run to Monte Albán Archaeological Site with Local Athletes

We were looking for a way to get back into running while seeing a different part of Oaxaca – so glad we found this! I hadn’t run this distance in a while but Fahad and Coach Eddi were patient and still kept us moving. Great for serious runners. Definitely check out their other Oaxaca running projects and ways to give back! Book This Experience

Airbnb Social Impact Experiences

What a wonderful way to see the local area, meet Oaxacan athletes and get some hard training miles in. We couldn’t have asked for more from the experience with Fahad and OaxSports. We loved running with Felipe and Roque who are both charming and superb athletes with a bright future. So pleased we are able to support them on the journeys to National and international races. What a fantastic initiative OaxSports have created. Thank you! ? Book This Experience

Airbnb Social Impact Experiences
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