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El Chico Mountain Race, Pachuca Hidalgo, 35 km – this was the most challenging and swift race I’ve run, passing through unique natural settings filled with fog, forests, breeze, and mud. The steep climbs added a special touch, slowing down the race’s pace, but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment or learning from the elite participants, including the ‘KING OF THE MOUNTAINS,’ RICARDO MEJIA. I extend my gratitude to Oax Sport for enabling me to participate in this incredible race.

Cerro Rojo, Puebla. My second 50 km race to continue exploring the world of trail running, I am more than happy to have participated in the first date of the GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES. The race offered spectacular scenery, with climbs that pushed my body to the limit, allowing me to enjoy landscapes filled with lush vegetation and waterfalls that helped me forget the pain. The cheers and shouts from the spectators along the route and at the finish line intensified the joy of having given my all. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Oax Sport for supporting me in this extraordinary experience.

Backyard, Saltillo Coahuila, was one of the races that I loved the most and enjoyed immensely. It’s not a common event in Mexico, running 6.7 km per hour until only one athlete is left standing. This unique experience was provided by Oax Sport, allowing me to explore another state and continue to grow as an ultra-distance athlete. The route was very technical, and after 5 hours, the tension and heat from the sun, coupled with a circuit with little vegetation, became intense. But thanks to that, I outlasted more than 50% of the participants who left or were forced to leave the race. I’m grateful to Oax Sport for this experience, and I enjoyed it so much that I’m willing to participate again in another event for 2022.

Rarely does something occur that can halt all of humanity as the COVID-19 pandemic did. Amid all the chaos, I found people who extended a helping hand, allowing me to continue my preparation as an athlete. Thanks to Oax Sport, I was able to experience running in the three stages of the Golden Trail Series, giving my best and learning new things. I also had the chance to participate in my first national cross-country championship, meeting new people, and pushing my body to the limit with every step.

I thank Oax Sport for the opportunity to compete in the AsTri Huatulco Duathlon, where we aim to achieve a podium finish.

I am thrilled to have received the opportunity for sponsorship from Oax Sport for the Huatulco duathlon. This allowed me to compete in such an intense and swift race of running and cycling at high speed, showcasing my abilities as an athlete.

The AsTri Huatulco Duathlon was a fantastic sports experience where I achieved an excellent result. Thank you, Oax Sport, for supporting me and closely monitoring my progress throughout the event!

I appreciate, with all that it’s worth, the high distinction that Oax Sport bestows upon me by honoring me with the opportunity to represent my beloved home state, Oaxaca. I’m also grateful for their kind offer of sponsorship to participate in the ASTRI Huatulco 2021 Triathlon, an exceptional competition that demands a high level of physical and mental conditioning.

Thank you very much to the De La Cruz family. Your financial support encourages and motivates me to work harder and give my best in the Coahuila competition. I trust that the agency that facilitated this contact will allocate the donated money to all the necessities for the competition, such as flights, bus transportation, decent accommodation, and appropriate clothing for this demanding race. I know that the directors of Oax Sport are serious and honest people, so I feel confident with the organization of my trip. This allows me to focus solely on running.

I am very grateful to Oax Sport and PABIC Corporation for the support they provided, enabling me to attend this important event.

I am very pleased to accept the invitation from Oax Sport, which has offered me sponsorship to represent Oaxaca in a competition as physically demanding as Backyard Mexico, but even more emotionally challenging.

Oax Sport