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Tres corredores, uno con camiseta de Oax Sport y otros dos con camisetas deportivas, corriendo por un sendero rural con un perro acompañándolos. El paisaje verde y el cielo nublado en el fondo resaltan el entorno natural de Oaxaca.

OAX Sport’s 2022: Achievements, Challenges, and Future Plans

A Look Back at 2022: Achievements and Challenges

Last year had its ups and downs, but for OAX Sport, 2022 was a year of significant growth and change. From receiving the IRS classification as a 501(c)3 organization, which allows us access to grants and more efficient operation, to participating in national and local competitions—there’s a lot to celebrate and more to come.

Technology Serving the Mission

Thanks to grants from Microsoft and Google, we have digital tools that facilitate our work. These grants allow us to enhance our online presence and thereby reach more people willing to support our mission.

OAX Sport and Airbnb

One of our most exciting partnerships is with Airbnb through their Social Impact program. This collaboration allows us to offer community-based experiences, including tours where you can learn about the best places to run in Oaxaca. Not only will you enjoy the natural beauty of the state, but you’ll also be contributing to our cause.

Athletes and Competitions

Last year, 10 athletes received our support in various forms, from entry fees to transportation and accommodation for competitions. We are proud to have athletes like Juana Cruz, who qualified for UTMB Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, among our beneficiaries.

Beyond Oaxaca

We participated in events in four different Mexican states and in internationally recognized competitions. Partnerships with organizations like the Federation of Mexican Athletics Associations and ITRA open doors for us to continue growing.

How Can You Contribute?

  • Donate: Our 501(c)3 status makes all donations tax-deductible.
  • Run: If you’re in Oaxaca and wondering where to run, every mile you cover can be a step toward fulfilling the dreams of our athletes.
  • Sponsor: We are looking for sponsors for our athletes and events.
  • Volunteer: We need all kinds of skills, from orthopedic doctors to digital marketing experts.

Plans for 2023

  • Incorporate Oax Sport in Mexico.
  • Expand the number of athletes benefited.
  • Participate in more national and international events.
  • Foster new sources of income, like cultural camps.

In Summary

Running in Oaxaca is an enriching experience, both for the body and the spirit. But when you do it with OAX Sport, you add a third component: the power to change lives. We invite you to be part of this mission and find out not just where to run in Oaxaca, but how to do it with a purpose.


If you have any questions, comments, or wish to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to build a strong community around sports and solidarity.

OAX Sport Inc is a 501(c)3 public charity. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Diana Garcia Corporate Director, Public Relations, Creativity Villa De Zaachila, Oaxaca LinkedIn

I'm Diana García, a multifaceted designer from Oaxaca, Mexico. Trained at Escuela de Artesanías INBA-CONACULTA, my passion lies in graphic design, woodworking, and digital content creation. As Creative Director at Oax Sport Inc., I volunteer to uplift Oaxacan athletes. I've also taught design courses at ESCUELA LIBRE DE ARTE Y DISEÑO and contributed articles to the Gaceta of Oaxaca's Cultural Heritage Institute. Bilingual in English and Spanish, I'm committed to community growth and the transformative power of sports.

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