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Empowering Oaxacan Athletes: An In-depth Interview with Consultant Anthony Ross

Meet Anthony Ross, a committed Consultant and Advisor at Oax Sport, an organization dedicated to uplifting athletes from Oaxaca, Mexico. With a strong background in supporting non-profits, Ross brings a wealth of experience to his advisory role. He’s a jack-of-all-trades, providing both financial and strategic guidance to the organization. Through this in-depth interview, we delve into how Ross’s multi-pronged approach is driving change at Oax Sport, and his personal philosophy that keeps him aligned with the organization’s values.

Whether it’s facilitating donations or crafting a long-term strategy, Ross is instrumental in the organization’s mission to nurture local talent and propel them onto a larger stage. Read on to learn more about his consulting role, success stories, and how he stays ahead in the ever-changing sports industry.

Background & Introduction:

  • Could you introduce yourself and explain your role as a Consultant and Advisor at Oax Sport?

Anthony: Hola, My name is Anthony Ross. I am very pleased to aid in the support of the mission of Oax Sport. In 2022 I had the pleasure of meeting many of the athletes and staff of this wonderful organization. Honestly, from my perspective, my eyes were witness to exceptional talent and dedication from these truly remarkable athletes. That being said, I am more than happy to do what I can to support, advise and advocate for them to help them achieve their goals personally and as an organization.

  • How did your previous experiences lead you to this position with Oax Sport?

Anthony: Long have I been an advocate for charity and non-profit organizations. Over the years I have provided similar support to 43 different organizations but, these days I try to keep focus and provide assistance to missions and goals that promote long lasting positive influence for causes that hold high cultural significance. Oax Sport is one of such causes.

  • What attracted you to the mission of supporting Oaxacan athletes?

Anthony: The talent, dedication and pure passion of these athletes is something such as true Olympians display. They give their hearts and souls, and their abilities reflects a true sense of pride for their community.

Consulting & Advising Role:

  • Can you describe the main areas in which you provide consultation and advice to Oax Sport?

Anthony: My contributions are multifaceted. It depends on the immediate and future needs of the organization. Sometimes I help by providing in-kind donation procurement financial donation solicitation. Sometimes I advise on long term directional steering with tips on expanding the charity and developing a strategic plan and goals for the future.

  • What are some specific challenges you’ve helped Oax Sport overcome, and how did you approach them?

Anthony: For the staff of Oax Sport, I do not necessarily see a challenge that has been presented. Yet, I see opportunities for growth and development. One particular thing I was pleased to assist with was the review and development of donation request forms and associated paperwork for projected goals of the organization.

  • How do you align your advising with Oax Sport’s mission and values?

Anthony: I believe in positive forward progress that benefits everyone in the best way, so that each and every athlete has resources to showcase their abilities.

Impact & Success Stories:

  • Could you share a particular project or initiative where your consultation made a significant impact?

Anthony: The first one that came to mind was my assistance with the purchasing of a new pair of running shoes, which I had personally delivered to Oaxaca. These shoes were remarkable and a fine addition to the athlete who wore them in competition.

  • What success metrics or indicators do you use to evaluate the effectiveness of your guidance?

Anthony: I measure my effectiveness by the happiness and gratitude of the athletes. I work for them. They train and compete and give themselves fully, heart and soul. To me my efforts are naturally proven through the very sweat and drive which they display through their efforts. It is a synchronous and perfect circle.

Trends & Industry Insight:

  • How do you stay abreast of the latest trends and changes in the sports industry, especially as they relate to nonprofit organizations?

Anthony: Many ways, globally, I am not a man who uses a specific platform, so to speak. I hear things and stay in tune and aware of how changes and fluctuations relate and impact the industry or rather industries which come together to align with those which could sway our goals.

  • Are there any emerging opportunities or challenges you see for Oax Sport and similar organizations?

Anthony: Not at the moment. I have high hopes and dreams for our athletes. A challenge is an opportunity in itself.

Collaboration & Relationship Building:

  • How do you work with other team members at Oax Sport, and what’s your approach to collaboration?

Anthony: This depends on the project or mission at hand, which needs to be attended to. I believe in involving each and every person who would benefit from the situation. A true collaboration.

  • How do you build and maintain relationships with external partners, sponsors, or other stakeholders?

Anthony: This is dependent on the scale and scope of the relationship and partnership upon which is needed to achieve a common goal. Short term or long term, to meet immediate needs to engage in planning and preparation for a long-term goal.

Personal Approach & Philosophy:

  • What principles or philosophies guide your approach to consulting and advising?

Anthony: Wholistic thinking, creative thinking, strategic planning, interpersonal relations.

  • How have your personal experiences or values influenced your work with Oax Sport?

Anthony: Wonderfully, at the core, my core, I find my life’s purpose and determination is equal to that of our athletes.

Future Goals & Oax Sport’s Mission:

  • How do you see your role evolving with Oax Sport in the future, and what are your long-term goals?

Anthony: I see my role standing true to that which I currently reside. Yet, I will grow and develop the more time I spend advocating and representing our athletes.

  • How do you believe consulting and advising can continue to support and enhance Oax Sport’s mission?

Anthony: I will rest my answer on the natural progression of the organization. Let’s revisit this question when one of our athletes is representing Oaxaca in the Olympics.

Advice & Closing Thoughts:

  • What advice would you offer to others looking to enter the consulting field, particularly in the sports and nonprofit sectors?

Anthony: I would say that if someone is looking to enter the consulting field, may your heart be true. You should choose a noble cause, one which provides direct positive influence with a long-lasting impact for those you serve.

  • How can readers get involved or support Oax Sport’s mission?

Anthony: Check out our website and social media sites. Book a vacation to Oaxaca, lace up your shoes and go on a guided running tour with our amazing athletes. Visiting Oaxaca is sure to please and leave a smile on your face and warmness in your heart and soul. Get involved with us. Embrace us and help us to showcase our talent to the world.

  • Is there anything else you’d like to share about your insights, experiences, or Oax Sport’s broader goals and achievements?

Anthony: I don’t believe so. Our athletes have talent that should be shared with the world, and I’m here to do what I can to help them cross that finish line again and again. Come join me.

In this candid interview, Anthony Ross provides invaluable insights into his multifaceted role at Oax Sport. From financial advising to strategic planning, his contributions are critical in empowering Oaxacan athletes. Ross’s unique approach, grounded in personal and professional experiences, emphasizes not just overcoming challenges but seizing growth opportunities. His work has had a tangible impact, from optimizing donation strategies to enhancing athletes’ resources like running shoes. Guided by metrics of athlete happiness and success, Ross stays committed to Oax Sport’s mission.

For those inspired by this cause, getting involved is simple: follow Oax Sport online, visit Oaxaca, or directly support the athletes. Ross’s vision, aligned with the organization’s mission, aims to see Oaxacan athletes on bigger platforms, potentially even the Olympics. If you’re considering a consulting role in sports or nonprofits, Ross leaves us with one key piece of advice: choose a cause that offers long-lasting, positive impact for those you serve.

Multidisciplinary in design, with a passion for writing and photography, I grew up in an environment enriched by nature and various popular artistic expressions. I deeply value my surroundings and those who respect and strive to improve themselves and the community.

My commitment to these values leads me to volunteer my time at Oax Sport, where I assist low-income athletes from Oaxaca, reflecting my desire to support and foster growth and development on both an individual and collective level.

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