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Airbnb Social Impact Experiences

When you book an experience, 100% of your payment goes directly to supporting the athletes and their programs

Run with Oaxacan Athletes and Support a Good Cause

Oax Sport is a non-profit organization that provides athletic opportunities to children and youth in Oaxaca, Mexico. We offer a variety of Airbnb Social Impact Experiences, where you can run with our athletes, learn from them, and support our mission.

Our experiences are a great way to:

  • Meet high-level athletes
  • Learn about Oaxacan culture
  • Support a non-profit organization that is making a difference in the lives of young athletes

100% of your payment will be received and managed by Oax Sport Inc. It will cover participation fees, travel, accommodation, and sports gear.

To book an experience, please visit our contact us on here or WhatsApp +52 951 652 6746

We hope to see you on the run!

Here are some additional details about our Airbnb Social Impact Experiences:

  • Running with Oaxacan Athletes

Join our athletes for a run through the city, countryside, or mountains. You’ll get to know them, learn about their training, and see firsthand how fit and fast they are.

  • Learning from Oaxacan Athletes

Our athletes are experts in their sport. They can teach you about training, nutrition, and mental toughness. You’ll also get to hear their stories and learn about their journey to becoming an athlete.

  • Supporting a Good Cause

Your payment for an Airbnb Social Impact Experience will go directly to supporting Oax Sport and our mission to provide athletic opportunities to children and youth in Oaxaca.

We hope you’ll consider booking an Airbnb Social Impact Experience with Oax Sport. It’s a great way to meet high-level athletes, learn about Oaxacan culture, and support a good cause.

Rocío In ASTRI Huatulco Triathlon 2021
Rocío Nadxieli Toledo López

I appreciate, with all that it’s worth, the high distinction that Oax Sport bestows upon me by honoring me with the opportunity to represent my beloved home state, Oaxaca. I’m also grateful for their kind offer of sponsorship to participate in the ASTRI Huatulco 2021 Triathlon, an exceptional competition that demands a high level of physical and mental conditioning.

What is Airbnb?
Airbnb is a community-driven hospitality service that connects people with places to stay and things to do around the world. Just like us at Oax Sport, Airbnb believes in the power of community and in providing unique opportunities. Whether you’re seeking a local’s perspective on your next destination or a distinctive place to call home while traveling, Airbnb has something for everyone. It reflects our own dedication to connecting and empowering communities, mirroring our mission to support athletes from all walks of life.

What is an Airbnb experience?
An Airbnb Experience is an activity designed and led by inspiring locals, much like how we at Oax Sport are inspired by the passionate athletes in our community. These Experiences go beyond typical tours or classes, immersing guests into a unique world. Just as anyone can share a hobby, skill, or expertise without needing an extra room, we believe that anyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams in athletics, regardless of their background. Both Airbnb Experiences and Oax Sport are about connecting people, fostering community, and sharing the things that make us unique.

Oax Sport