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Sierra Norte of Oaxaca: A Trail Running Paradise

The Sierra Norte of Oaxaca is a premier destination for trail and mountain running enthusiasts. Here’s why this region stands out, and how Oax Sport plays a vital role in promoting this incredible experience:

1. Diverse Trails

With over 100 kilometers of trails, the Sierra Norte offers paths suitable for beginners to professional athletes.

2. Pristine Environment

Approximately 70% forest coverage ensures a pure and sustainable running environment.

3. Unique Climate

Mild temperatures and well-distributed rainfall create perfect running conditions year-round.

4. Rich Indigenous Culture

Indigenous communities like the Zapotec and Mixe enhance the running experience with their unique traditions and hospitality.

5. Oax Sport’s Commitment

As a key supporter of local athletes, Oax Sport actively engages with the Sierra Norte’s running community. By offering training, events, and support, Oax Sport helps elevate the region’s status as a world-class trail running destination. Our collaboration with low-income athletes in Oaxaca further reflects our dedication to nurturing talent and promoting healthy lifestyles.

6. High-Altitude Training Benefits

Altitudes ranging from 1,500 to 3,100 meters (4,921 to 10,170 feet) present significant training advantages.

7. Supportive Community

Local running clubs, events, and Oax Sport’s initiatives create a sense of camaraderie and encouragement.

8. Accessibility

Easy access from Oaxaca City and various accommodation options cater to different preferences and budgets.

9. Safety

Marked trails, guided tours, and a low crime rate ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


The Sierra Norte of Oaxaca offers an unparalleled trail and mountain running experience, enriched by stunning landscapes, diverse trails, and vibrant indigenous culture. Oax Sport’s dedicated involvement in the region further strengthens its appeal, connecting runners to the land, community, and a shared passion for the sport. Whether you’re embarking on your first trail run or training for a competitive race, Sierra Norte, with Oax Sport’s support, promises a remarkable and fulfilling adventure.

Multidisciplinary in design, with a passion for writing and photography, I grew up in an environment enriched by nature and various popular artistic expressions. I deeply value my surroundings and those who respect and strive to improve themselves and the community.

My commitment to these values leads me to volunteer my time at Oax Sport, where I assist low-income athletes from Oaxaca, reflecting my desire to support and foster growth and development on both an individual and collective level.

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