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We Are Excited About Our Upcoming Participation with Octaviano Robles

Travesía En Las Sierras 2021
1. We Are Excited About Our Upcoming Participation with Octaviano Robles

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The Ultra-Distance Runner Will Attend the 10th Anniversary of the 100-mile Race at the End of September

At Oax Sport, we are pleased to announce that Octaviano Robles Cruz will represent the agency and Oaxaca in the prestigious race, the 100 Miles of “Crossing In The Sierras” (Travesía En Las Sierras), organized by Circuito Sólo para Salvajes. The race will take place in Villa del Carbón, Estado de México, México, the 25th and 26th of September of this year, 2021.

This will be Octaviano’s second participation in this historic race. His first participation was in the first edition of the race in 2011, where he finished second. Now, after 10 years, Octaviano returns to this race with more experience and more preparation. The 100 Miles of “Circuito Sólo para Salvajes” is celebrating 10 years of being the cradle of the 100 miles of Mexico.

The “Crossing In The Sierras” includes distances of 50 km, 50 miles, 100 km, and 100 miles. It is organized by Pedro Fletes Omaña, a mountain running pioneer who has been in the world of mountain running since 1971. Pedro has also successfully took part in the legendary Pikes Peak Marathon.

Octaviano Robles had a busy season start with two ultra-distance races that came within a short period. First, it was the 24-hour race in Cancun where he finished 1st in his category with a distance of 140 km. His second participation came a few weeks later in the Mexico Backyard Ultra, where he also successfully finished first in his category.

“Feeling the adrenaline rush of returning to the cradle of 100 miles fills me with excitement. I will return to feel satisfying pain again in a truly demanding journey for the human being. I had the honor of having participated in the first edition when 100 miles race was made for the first time in Mexico. I am grateful to Oax Sport and to PABIC Police Corporation for the confidence in me to return to furrow 160 km, morning, afternoon, night and dawn, of true emotion where I will once again put my physical and psychological capacities to the test. Thanks for all the support.” Octaviano Robles Cruz, Ultra Marathoner and Police Officer of the PABIC Oaxaca.

Octaviano will take part in the 100-mile race with the hope to qualify for the Badwater 135 in Death Valley, California. A race that is known as “the world’s toughest foot race”. The Badwater is a 135-mile race that takes place on the hottest day of the year, in the hottest place in the USA, in the Death Valley National Park. Starts at below sea level and goes up to the entrance of Mount Whitney at an altitude of 2548 m.

Octaviano is excited and ready to prepare for the Badwater by qualifying in 100 miles races with the hope to gain an entry into the Badwater in 2022.

Taking part in the “Crossing In The Sierras” will be Octaviano’s second participation with Oax Sport. We are an agency that supports local talents by facilitating their participation in athletic competitions nationwide and abroad. We manage their sign-ups, travel, and accommodation arrangements. Also, manage a publicity campaign and the sourcing of funds. Octaviano’s participation in the 100 Mile of “Sólo para Salvajes” and the Badwater 135 mile will be possible with the support of the public through financial donation, and also by commercial sponsorship.

We are a nonprofit sports agency that supports local athletes from the Oaxaca community by administrating their athletic participation through sponsorship, publicity campaign, and the actual logistics of traveling and accommodation. Their source of income is mostly from personal donations.

To sponsor or donate to our athletes, contact us through the contact page. We rely on commercial sponsorship and personal donation to carry on our sports and education programs. Direct donations can be done through PayPal, please click here to go to the donation page.

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Multidisciplinary in design, with a passion for writing and photography, I grew up in an environment enriched by nature and various popular artistic expressions. I deeply value my surroundings and those who respect and strive to improve themselves and the community.

My commitment to these values leads me to volunteer my time at Oax Sport, where I assist low-income athletes from Oaxaca, reflecting my desire to support and foster growth and development on both an individual and collective level.

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