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Oax Sport’s Runners Concluded the Golden Trail National Series Mexico 2021

Golden Trail National Series Mexico 2021
1. Rosalino and Roque Are Confirmed in the Cerro Rojo Golden Trail
2. Oaxaca´s runners come back from the trail race El Chico Mountain
3. Roque and Rosalino are Preparing for the Golden Trail National Series Finale
4. Oax Sport’s Runners Concluded the Golden Trail National Series Mexico 2021

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The Teams Got Good Results in the Tepec Trail Race, Hidalgo

Oax Sport’s athletes return from the last round of the Golden Trail National Series Mexico with excellent results and valuable experience. Tepec Trail by UTMX took place on the 28th and 29th of August 2021 in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo, México and it was the host race of the final round of the series.

Oax Sport and our affiliate team, Bekw yâs Güilá, took part with seven athletes in the three different distances, with results ranging from second overall to top 20.

From Oax Sport the athletes were:

  • Rosalino Meneses Lopez in the main race of 40k.
  • Roque Luis Garcia with a second-place overall in the 26k race.
  • Diego Martinez Mondragon in the 12k race who finished in 18th place.

Our affiliate team, Bekw yâs Güilá, had four participants in the 12k race and they were:

  • Geovanni Santiago 6th place, which put him on the podium.
  • Juan Cruz 15th place.
  • Luis Santiago 17th place.
  • Hernan Luis Garcia, the team manager, led and encouraged the participation of the younger competitors in this national race.

“I had a significant experience at Tepec Trail. The final round of the Golden Trail Series by Salomon brought the best runners in Mexico to compete in a technical 40 km mountain race. I had the misfortunate of starting in the last hit, which meant I had to pass hundreds of slower runners.

In a trail run, it’s almost impossible to run at one’s pace while trying to overtake through tight paths, water crossing, technical uphill, and downhill. Even though, I am happy to be part of this event and glad to know that I had the performance and preparation to get a better result if I had started with runners in my level.” Rosalino Meneses Lopez. Oax Sport Athlete.

In Oax Sport, we provide sports management services to local athletes from the communities of Oaxaca. Services include sponsorship, travel arrangement, competition management, public relations, training, and development. Our work will not be possible without the support of the community through financial donations, and the support of corporations through sponsorship.

“I am more than satisfied with my result in Tepec Trail in Huasca de Ocampo; we ran on a technical trail, full of mud, obstacles, many climbs, river crossings, but above all a lot of fun, my main aim was to get down from the general position of a 44th place got on the Cerro Rojo Trail to an 18th place in Tepec.

This 2021 was the year in which I got to know cross-country racing and everything truly amazed me; the landscapes, the organization, the good company, but above all, the love that runners have for this sport. Now is the time to continue training with great enthusiasm and perseverance because 2022 is coming full of triumphs for Oax Sport.” Diego Martinez Mondragón, Athlete.


Oax Sport Inc. is a nonprofit corporation legally incorporated in the state of Texas that supports athletes from small communities of Oaxaca. The agency supports athletes by providing commercial services and makes possible their participation in national and international competitions.

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