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Sports Activity in “La Ciudad de las Canteras” (the City of Quarries), Oaxaca

Oaxaca City is distinguished as a World Heritage Site for its layout and viceregal architecture. It is also recognized for its fantastic gastronomy and handicraft production and the archaeological sites of pre-Hispanic populations.

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Because of its similitude with Antequera city orography in Andalusia, our small city is also known as the Verde Antequera since the stone available to build it was a pale green limestone.


This green rock, locally called “Cantera,” was used to raise buildings and pave the streets of the current Historic Center of Oaxaca City. However, with the advance of urbanization, the historic quarry had to stop being exploited. In 1988, the place was converted into an urban park representative of the city.

The park called “La Ciudad de las Canteras” (the City of Quarries) is located in Santa María Ixcotel, one and a half kilometers from the eastern limit of the Historic Center.

This recreational space, open to the public, is formed by three large cavities left from the rock extraction, a central walkway, and a small track and outdoor gym.

The area is delimited to the north by the ‘Carretera Internacional’ and to the south by the ‘Camino Nacional’ Avenue.

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Also part of the complex is the Convention Center and the building containing the city’s Historical Archives. In addition, two of the quarries collect rainwater, which, together with the vegetation, the paths, and the stone walls, create an attractive and distinctive landscape that deserves to be enjoyed.

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Walking in the artificial ravines is a delight to the senses. You start with the perception of losing the horizon between the green vegetation and the shade shelter.

Next, you admire the imposing stone wall that is the curtain of a small lagoon from where fish and turtles poke their heads, or you can even find a duck or goose swimming in season.

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You have to go up and down countless steps that get you breathing, accelerate your heart rate, and release endorphins.

The diversity of levels and elements make “Las Canteras” a lovely place for a short walk or jog on the stairs and ramps.

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The central hollow is small but no less attractive to go up and down. The next cavity, at the southern end, offers a relaxing view along the expanse of its lagoon, where you can see a pier and the reflection of the water contrasting the buildings that rise on the top of the green and clean wall of rough rock, chiseled for centuries to make possible the magnificent view that invites you to stop and admire the human and natural work.

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At ground level, in the stone walkway connecting the three hollows, the neighborhood’s atmosphere, the couples, and the families make you feel safe and part of the community.

The Convention Center and the Historical Archive of the City complement the architecture of the place, which makes you want to stay and prolong the walk. However, it should be noted that these areas are not always open to park users.

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The blue of the sky and the chirping of the birds between the branches of the trees of the track – gym complement the tour perfectly and remind us that many beautiful experiences are waiting for us to live.

I recommend you visit this park very early in the morning or after four in the afternoon to enjoy the open-air environment avoiding the intense heat and sunlight. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Reserve this experience of social collaboration running with local athletes and benefiting them in their sporting events with Oax Sport – Airbnb.

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Edited by Emma Francey

Multidisciplinary in design, with a passion for writing and photography, I grew up in an environment enriched by nature and various popular artistic expressions. I deeply value my surroundings and those who respect and strive to improve themselves and the community.

My commitment to these values leads me to volunteer my time at Oax Sport, where I assist low-income athletes from Oaxaca, reflecting my desire to support and foster growth and development on both an individual and collective level.

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