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Francisco Soriano Guzman

Mixtec Athlete Goes for a Half Marathon in Oaxaca City

Oax Sport supports the competitor’s participation in a new challenge for him

Francisco Soriano Guzman

We are happy to announce that we will sponsor a local athlete in the fifth edition of the Acriemex International Half-Marathon. Taking place this coming June 12th, in Oaxaca City. Our selection for this grand event is Francisco Soriano Guzman from Guadalupe Chindúa, Nochixtlán District, Mixteca Region.

Francisco is a prominent runner with extensive participation in road and cross-country races. He is active in the athletic scene in the Etla and Nochixtlán regions and this will be his first attempt at a road half-marathon.

“I am grateful for Oax Sport’s support that allows me to come to the capital for my first half marathon. I like to run and compete, but it is difficult for me to go out of my community to the races. Now they give me this wonderful opportunity to take part among outstanding runners and hopefully I can get a good place in the race.” Francisco Soriano Guzmán, Athlete from Guadalupe, Chindúa, Nochixtlán.

The 2022 Acreimex Half-Marathon is the fifth season of this magnificent sports event that brings together the best distance runner from all over the region. Acreimex is a credit union founded in Villa de Etla, Oaxaca in 2001 and quickly grew to 56 branches in 9 Mexican States. The company is always active in supporting the community through social and athletic involvement.

At Oax Sport, we continue our mission of supporting athletes from the small communities of Oaxaca by offering them the financial support needed to attend athletic competitions. Sponsoring Francisco was possible by the generous donations of the community.

Francisco Soriano Guzman

“Being an important event in the state, and because we identify with the work in favor of the organizers’ social and sports activation, we decided to support Soriano’s participation in the race. We know his abilities and love for racing and hope he meets his goals. We encourage him to continue with his training and continuously appear outside his region” Diana Garcia, Public Relations Oax Sport Inc.

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Oax Sport Inc. is a Texas nonprofit sports organization, classified by the US government as a Public Charity, that supports athletes from Oaxaca communities by looking for opportunities to receive financial support and to take part in athletic competitions. The primary source of income for the organization is donations.


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My commitment to these values leads me to volunteer my time at Oax Sport, where I assist low-income athletes from Oaxaca, reflecting my desire to support and foster growth and development on both an individual and collective level.

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