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Alejandra Navarro Quintana

Oax Sport is Participating in The Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco

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The 19th edition of the legendary race will occur on the 6th and 7th of March 2021 in Chihuahua, Mexico

Oax Sport is confirmed to participate with two renowned athletes from the State of Oaxaca. The annual race takes place on the first Sunday of March, and in 2021, it marks its 19th edition since it had been launched in 2003. Ultramarathon Caballo Blanco takes place in the Tarahumara territory in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. 

Oax Sport is a sports management agency based in Oaxaca and Texas. It aims to support and promote local sportspersons from Oaxaca’s state by offering competition management and career development. The agency’s focus is to expose local Oaxacan athletes to national and international sports education and involvement.

Alejandra Navarro Quintana
Alejandra Navarro Quintana
Confirmed competitors for the 2021 edition of Ultramarathon Caballo Blanco are:
  • Alejandra Navarro Quintana in the 50-mile race
  • Rosalino Meneses Lopez in the 26.2 mile race
“We chose the two athletes through an open selection that we launched on social media around five months ago. From the moment we communicated with Navarro and Meneses that they were selected, they showed much enthusiasm to live and participate in this cultural and sports event. We know how good is their athletic level, and we are sure that they will do very well in the competition.” Eddi Melesio Pérez Silva, Athletic Director, Oax Sport.
Created by Micah True, the first Copper Canyon Ultra was run in 2003 and initiated as an act of Korima (rarámuri word to describe the circle of sharing and giving without expectation of return). This tenet of love and caring remains today. In addition to supporting the cultural aspects of running and health and all the other beautiful results of the experience, it continues the tradition of providing vouchers awards for all raramuri runners used for nutritional sustenance (maize flour, beans, rice) for their families.
The 2006 race, which included recognized runners like Scott Jurek, Jenn Shelton, and Christopher McDougall, was novelized by McDougall in his book Born to Run. A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen, 2009.

The Copper Canyon race Caballo Blanco is an essential experience for any long-distance runner. The event allows for interaction between international trail runners and local Rarámuri. They can run up to 200 miles (320 km) in one session, over two days through their homeland of rough canyon country, for inter-village communication, transportation, and hunting. The race attracts trail running athletes from all over Mexico, Canada, the USA, and Europe.

Rosalino Meneses Lopez
Rosalino Meneses Lopez
Oax Sport sees the need to allow its team to experience Mexico’s different athletic cultures and its responsibility to connect them with other unique experiences, such as running the Ultra Caballo Blanco with the Rarámuri.
Oax Sport next three competitions include:
  • UTMS Ultra Trail Desierto de los Leones, Mexico City
  • Ultramaratón Sierra Mixe, Oaxaca
  • Ultra Coahuila Garmin, Coahuila
Oax Sport is a sports management agency based in Texas with offices in Oaxaca. It provides quality services to Oaxaca based athletes and teams. They help them shape their careers by providing coaching, mentoring, training, business consultation, and comprehensive management services. Oax Sport aims to connect its members with sponsorship and academic opportunities from the US and Mexico. Visit

Multidisciplinary in design, with a passion for writing and photography, I grew up in an environment enriched by nature and various popular artistic expressions. I deeply value my surroundings and those who respect and strive to improve themselves and the community.

My commitment to these values leads me to volunteer my time at Oax Sport, where I assist low-income athletes from Oaxaca, reflecting my desire to support and foster growth and development on both an individual and collective level.

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