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Felipe Arellanes Ruiz

Distance Runner

Age: 25 years
Weight: 65kg
Height: 170cm
Hometown: Santa Catarina Cuixtla, Miahuatlan, Oaxaca
Occupation: Employee in a medical clinic
Education: Chapingo Agricultural High School

Team: Atlethos
Athletic Specialties: Distance Running
Favorite Distance: Half Marathon

Best Sporting Achievements:

  • 3rd Place IPN Half Marathon 2022
  • 3rd Place 1,500 m Oaxaca State Championship 2019
  • 1st Place Pescado de Moctezuma, 2020

Best Races 2020:

  • Pescado de Moctezuma 277k Relay Race

Best Races 2021:

  • Veracruz Marathon 2:57

Best Races 2022:

  • Veracruz Marathon
  • IPN Half Marathon
  • UTMS Trail Run

Planned Races for 2023:

  • IPN Half Marathon

In His Words

What do you like about athletics?
Staying healthy and at the same time sharing time with my friends training.
Also compete and meet new places for the races.

What are your sports goals?
My sporting goal is to consolidate myself as one of the best runners in my region and at the same time be influential in my community so that more people become aware of health through sport.

What is your goal 2023?
To be able to improve widely in the distance of 3,000 and 5,000 meters.

Without a doubt listening to music, running, walking in the woods when possible… and spending time with my friends.

3 priorities in your life:

  • Train to be able to consolidate myself as a good athlete
  • Work and save for the future
  • Be happy and try to live more with my family and friends

5 words that best describe you as an athlete:

  • Happy
  • Solidary
  • Enthusiastic
  • Highly strung
  • Persistent

Something else we should know about you?
I like sweet bread, cats and the forest.

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