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A Long Run to the Árbol del Tule with Local Athletes

Running Tours Oaxaca: Run with Local Athletes and Discover 3 Amazing Sites

When vacationing in a new place, do you feel like an outsider looking in? Do you want some proper exercise but are unsure of the best routes?

Mexico has stunning scenery and friendly locals, but it’s hard to get involved in just a few short days…

Enter Oax Sport, hosts of Running Tours Oaxaca, where you can meet talented local runners who would love to take you on a running tour and show you their beloved city and sites.

Languages available for the tour are Zapotec, English, Spanish, and Arabic.

And all for a great cause = with 100% of proceeds supporting local runners to achieve their sporting dreams.

3 Incredible Sites To Discover on Your Run

A running tour is a unique opportunity to discover ancient sites and culture whilst keeping fit and meeting new people.

A national level athlete, supported by the non-profit, will join the run. So you can get immersed in the local running scene and meet interesting people as part of your experience.

The friendly people at Oax Sport are flexible to your needs and running level and open to changes in time, distance, route and meeting point upon prior contact.

There are plenty of running experiences to choose from, but here are 3 of our top picks:

Photo by Matthew Essman on Unsplash

Monte Alban Run

Felipe going up the Monte Alban

Distance: 10km
Time:        90mins
Experience level: Medium to High
Trail:          Mountain, street, dirt, trail. Contains 3 km of technical uphill and downhill.
Route:       Starting in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, through neighborhood roads and then into the countryside, after moving onto uphill trails to reach the Monte Alban zone.

Monte Alban is pre-Hispanic and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient city of Oaxaca, Southwestern Mexico, offers visitors an incredible archaeological experience – and a little chance to get your breath back! 

Believed to have been established some 2500 years ago, Visitors can explore the ruins and admire the superb architecture, which includes temples, altars, and even ball courts.

Photo by Roman Lopez on Unsplash

Oaxaca Old Town Run


Distance: 10km
Time:        90mins
Experience level: Tailored to you
Path:          Street and CobbleStone
Route:       Packed with fascinating sites, the run passes through:
– Barrio de Jalatlaco, with its cobbled streets and painted facades
Ciudad de las Canteras (City of Quarries)
– Paseo Juárez “El Llano” Park
– Jardín Conzatti Park
– Church and Convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán
– Andador Turístico (Tourist Walkway)
– Escaleras del Cerro del Fortín (300m stairs)
– El Mirador (the viewpoint of the city)
– Barrio de Xochimilco and its aqueducts

For runners looking to get an authentic experience of Oaxaca, the Old Town route is a must-do. This scenic run takes you through some of the city’s oldest and most iconic sites, including its colonial-era churches, markets and squares. 

As you wind your way along cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings and vibrant street art, you will be transported back in time as you take in centuries of history.

The view from the El Tule run

Arbol del Tule Run

Distance:  21 km
Time:        90mins
Experience level: Tailored to you
Path:         Bike path, street, gravel 
Route:       Cycling path shared by cyclists and runners

Mysterious and ancient, Arbol del Tule is the widest tree on earth – at 58m in circumference. The tree is located in the center of the ancient sacred grounds where the Aztec gods of nature were worshipped. Its age is unknown, but estimates range from 2,000 to 6,000 years old.

You will know you are in the presence of an ancient spiritual being once you meet this majestic tree. 

The Arbol del Tule holds significant spiritual meaning for locals of Oaxaca. Its immense size and longevity symbolize strength and wisdom passed down through generations.

Hosts of Running Tours Oaxaca

Meet your hosting athletes

Meet Fahad Hizam, a passionate supporter of local athletes. Fahad promotes the Oax Sport charity, which allows the athletes to train and compete at all levels of competition and provide them with personal and athletic development.

Fahad is from Saudi Arabia and has been living in Oaxaca since 2016. Previously he lived in Nevada, North Dakota, and the UK. He enjoys road and mountain running and participates in many social and competitive athletic groups. His current personal bests are 18:51 in 5k, 1:28 in 21k, 3:25 in 42k. But remember,  these tours are tailored to meet your running level, and all levels can be catered to.The co-host is one of Oax Sport’s local athletes. Each athlete will host experiences closer to their home. Click here to know the athletes.

Oax Sport is waiting to welcome you! 

Running is a fantastic way to discover Oaxaca and its local gems. You will experience a vibrant and diverse city from the unique perspective of running alongside some of its local athletes. 

Through your tour, you will also be supporting a worthy charity while getting to know the locals. So why not lace up those sneakers and hit the streets? The views, sights, and experiences are waiting for you!



Runners rate these tours as top-notch. Here’s just some of what they are saying:

Christina (September 2022)

What a wonderful way to see the local area, meet Oaxacan athletes and get some hard training miles in. We couldn’t have asked for more from the experience with Fahad and OaxSports. We loved running with Felipe and Roque who are both charming and superb athletes with a bright future. So pleased we are able to support them on the journeys to National and international races. What a fantastic initiative OaxSports have created. Thank you! ?

Echo (October 2022)

Fahad gave us very clear instructions, was a great host, and we saw some beautiful parts of the city we would have never seen. As a fellow runner, it was great to support other athletes! They were accommodating with pace, despite both Fahad and Luis being experienced runners. Highly recommend!

Oax Sport Running Tours Social Impact

Oax Sport Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Corporation based in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to support athletes from the small towns of Oaxaca, Mexico, with a focus on indigenous communities. They aim to develop athletes and help them go to national and overseas competitions. To get to know our organization, current projects, and the athletes we support, look us up online at @OaxSport

This is a social impact experience where 100% of what you pay for Running tours Oaxaca goes to Oax Sport Inc. Book on Airbnb or Contact us directly

Oax Sport

So happy to be a contributor to this dedicated organisation that backs local committed, talented athletes.
I am a sports lover and believe it brings everyone together from all walks of life in a genuine way. We have so much to share and enjoy together.

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