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Second Edition of the Veracruz Marathon, Mexico 2022

Veracruz Marathon 2022
1. A few Weeks ahead of Veracruz Marathon 2022
2. Second Edition of the Veracruz Marathon, Mexico 2022

On December 4 in Boca del Río, Veracruz, the Second Edition of the Marathon took place. And Oax Sport, could not miss this National Level competition, it is the second time that it supports local athletes. The selected for this competition: Felipe Arellanes in the full marathon distance and Roque Arkangel in the half marathon. They were personally supported by Juan Victoria and Luis Fabian, who were part of the staff, as well as by Oax Sport’s directors, Eddi Pérez, Diana García, and Fahad Hizam.

“We returned to Veracruz to run the marathon, and although the time we got was not as desired, I am satisfied with the race that left us a top 10 and a great lesson in managing well the pace, also with a great desire to prepare for the next season. Always thanking the entire Oax Sport team who made our participation possible, my bosses at work, my family, my friends, and my club Atlethós”. Felipe Arellanes.

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“Having been at the starting line of the Veracruz Half Marathon fills me with happiness, I had always wanted to run a half marathon, but because of some circumstances it had not become possible until December 4. I am happy, but not satisfied with the results, it only remains to say that we will continue working hard to achieve more. Nothing would have been possible without the wholehearted support of Oax Sport, my coach Eddi Pérez Silva, and Rosalino Meneses López who always has been on the lookout for my therapy so that I can perform at my best. Thank you!” Roque Archangel.

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Oax Sport decided to participate in this marathon because it knows the potential of the competitors, besides allowing athletes to learn more about Mexico, and experiencing a new sports culture environment.

Sponsoring Felipe and Roque, also covering 100% of their expenses, was possible thanks to the generous clients of our Airbnb Social Impact. 100% of what was paid through Airbnb went to cover the expenses of this competition. Another source of income was donations received through the fundraising campaign launched specifically for this event. We would like to thank the following people who have donated to this project: Aaron Garcia from Texas, Meredith Bennett from Texas, Gina Garcia from Texas, Justin Clemons from Texas, and Echo from Maryland.

Oax Sport meets its goal again, supporting and helping athletes from Oaxaca, Mexico communities.


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