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Oaxaca´s runners come back from the trail race El Chico Mountain

Golden Trail National Series Mexico 2021
1. Rosalino and Roque Are Confirmed in the Cerro Rojo Golden Trail
2. Oaxaca´s runners come back from the trail race El Chico Mountain
3. Roque and Rosalino are Preparing for the Golden Trail National Series Finale
4. Oax Sport’s Runners Concluded the Golden Trail National Series Mexico 2021
Hernan Luis, Rosalino Meneses, Roque Luis

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Athletes from San Pablo Güilá and La Raya Zimatlán talk about their participation in the second National Golden Trail Series Mexico´s event.

Roque García and Rosalino Meneses return from Hidalgo after their participation in the second round of the Golden Trail National Series Mexico. The host race was El Chico Mountain Race, organized by the renowned trail running legend Ricardo Mejia, which took place in Parque Nacional El Chico, Hidalgo, last 12th and 13th of June. El Chico National Park, located in Mineral del Chico, Pachuca de Soto, and Mineral del Monte, has an extensive and varied ecosystem of conifers forests typical of the region.

Roque participated in the supporting race, which is a distance of 17 km. It is a race that attracts young trail runners and gives them a chance to be part of a big event such as the Golden Trail Series by Salomon. In this, his second participation in the series, Roque finished 8th overall. A tough race held under cold and wet conditions.

Roque Arkangel Luis Garcia

“Last weekend, I ran in the 17k distance. It was an excellent organization by the renowned King of the Mountain, Mr. Ricardo Mejía, and his running club Corre Mejía.

This race was really one of the most demanding in which I have participated, with very steep ascents that seemed to never end and technical descents which forced me to push my body to the maximum. Yet, I enjoyed and suffered a lot in this race due to the emotion and adrenaline I was something incredible. I am grateful to have enjoyed an event of this magnitude in an impressive route.

I am infinitely grateful to the people who encouraged me, but above all and sincerely, I thank Oax sport for all the support they have given me and for allowing me to run the Chico Mountain Race. I will continue preparing for upcoming events gaining more experience, giving my all, and pushing my body to the top.” Roque Luis García, Official Athlete, Oax Sport Inc.

In the main event of the 35 km race that gives qualifying points for the series, Rosalino had a tough start by beginning the race in one of the last waves. In a wet and slippery condition and narrow trails, Meneses struggled to overtake slower runners.

Rosalino Meneses Lopez

“I really liked the organization of the race, a route out of the ordinary, a lot of climbing. And steep hills that make you suffer and take your body to the limit. Truly surprising vegetation, high humidity, and full of mist in the forests of Hidalgo. We ran accompanied by light rain on stone-covered hills.

The cheering and shouting of the people throughout the race and the finish line fuel you with emotion and make you forget about fatigue. The most excited was to be racing with the best runners in the country. I know that I still need more dedication and discipline to be able to reach a high competitive level.” Rosalino Meneses López, Official Athlete, Oax Sport Inc.

Oax Sport has committed to support and sponsor Rosalino and Roque throughout the Mexican Golden Trail National Series. With their second participation in Hidalgo, the agency fulfills its commitment to its athletes and the trail running community.

The subsequent participation of these competitors will be the final round of the Golden Trail National Series Mexico, hosted by the UTMX Tepec, in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo, on the 28th and 29th of August.

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Photos provided by Oax Sport, Mario Urbina, & @Erikafotografìa

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